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K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter for Isuzu, Chevrolet & GMC Diesel Trucks Offers Reusable Performance

K&N Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filter Base
K&N Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filter Base
The Japanese manufacturer Isuzu has brought tough and durable medium duty trucks to the commercial world for over 2 decades. Since 1986, Isuzu diesel trucks have been the #1 selling low cab forward trucks in the American market. Isuzu has pushed the boundaries of brawns and efficiency by making their 2013 diesel models clean-idle certified which resulted in lower emissions and a smaller environmental impact. With utility, efficiency and durability in mind, it's no wonder Isuzu is a market place leader.
K&N Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filter
K&N Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filter

Efficiency flows through the Isuzu from its ergonomic cab to its clean-idling diesel motors, leaving little room for improvement. One improvement some Isuzu, Chevy and GMC medium duty truck owners have available is found in replacing the stock disposable engine air filter with K&N's reusable Heavy Duty air filter 38-2035S. Replacing your one-time-use paper filter over and over becomes very costly over time and adds to the millions of tons of waste in landfills.

K&N heavy duty air filter 38-2035S is washable, reusable and designed to lower restriction and increase horsepower. It is a standard flow air filter which means the air flows from the outside of the filter to the inside. K&N's 38-2035S is manufactured using a robust and durable non-woven synthetic material allowing owners to use compressed air and pressure washers on their low setting as part of the maintenance process. The dry-flowing material makes maintenance easy and quick because there is no need to re-oil the filter after cleaning which helps reduce down time while increasing productivity.

K&N 38-2035S is backed by a 3 year or 300,000 Mile Limited Warranty. This can provide replacement cost savings over time since you no longer need to keep buying paper filters for at least the warranty period. The 38-2035S air filter replaces the following manufacturers' part numbers:

Baldwin RS5434
Carquest 88932
Chevrolet 97062294
Donaldson P543614
Donaldson P828633
Fleetguard AF27693
Fram CA9856
Hastings RS5434
Isuzu 5876100200
Isuzu 8970622940
Isuzu 8981772710
Isuzu 97779878
Luber-Finer LAF5633
Napa 6932
WIX 46932

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