How to Clean Your New K&N® Lifetime Washable Home Air Filter

Installing a K&N home air filter


K&N® washable home air filters are designed to improve air quality and help increase HVAC system efficiency. They are also durable and built to withstand years of use, and are protected by K&N’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Your new K&N® washable home air filter is designed for years of use. Here’s how you can quickly and easily clean your filter using only K&N® HVAC cleaner and a low-pressure hose!


1. Remove your filter from its housing.

2. Wet both sides of the filter, and heavily spray K&N® HVAC cleaner onto the dirty side of the filter. Allow the cleaner to sit for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing with cool, low-pressure water from the clean side of the filter out.

Heavily spray cleaner onto the filter

Make sure to use only K&N HVAC filter cleaner, as other cleaners can void your warranty and potentially damage the filter media. Do not use high-pressure nozzles or pressure washers to rinse, as these may also damage the filter.

3. Continue to rinse your filter from the wire screen side out until the water runs clear and free from debris.

4. Gently tap and shake the filter to remove any excess water. Stand the filter on end, and allow it to air dry naturally.

Use a low-pressure water source to clean your filter

5. Once the filter is dry, lightly spray cleaner onto the side without the wire screen. Leave the cleaner on the filter, and reinstall your filter into its housing, taking note of the directional arrows on the filter frame.

Gently shake excess water from the filter and allow it to air dry
Lightly spray filter cleaner onto the filter before reinstalling

Your individual cleaning interval will depend on home conditions, including the number of occupants and pets in your home, but should generally range from 60 to 90 days. If you have multiple pets or allergy-sensitive people in your home, it is advisable to clean your filter more often. Find the one that fits your home here.

Still have questions about filter cleaning? Contact K&N® customer service by calling 800-858-3333 or emailing [email protected].