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K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake Instruction Sheets, Pictures, and Dyno Charts

Select a K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake part number in the list below for installation instructions, pictures, estimated power gain charts (dyno charts), replacement air filters and specifications. Instruction sheets are in pdf format.

69-0015TR 69-2001TS 69-3512TR 69-4528TS 69-6028TTK 69-7503TB 69-8616TS
69-0015TS 69-2001TWK 69-3513TTK 69-4529TS 69-6030-1TFK 69-7503TS 69-8617TTK
69-0017TS 69-2003TFK 69-3514TTK 69-4530TS 69-6031TS 69-7505TP 69-8618TS
69-0021TB 69-2004TTK 69-3515TS 69-4531TTK 69-6032TS 69-7505TS 69-8619TS
69-0021TS 69-2005TTK 69-3516TTK 69-4532TTK 69-6033TTK 69-7800TB 69-8620TTK
69-0025TP 69-2020TP 69-3517TS 69-4533TTK 69-6501TB 69-7800TS 69-8621TTK
69-0026TS 69-2020TR 69-3518TS 69-4534TP 69-6501TP 69-8001TS 69-8622TTK
69-0500TS 69-2021TP 69-3520TP 69-4535TP 69-6502TR 69-8001TWR 69-8700TP
69-0500TWR 69-2022TS 69-3521TP 69-4536TS 69-6506TR 69-8002TS 69-8701TP
69-0502TWR 69-2023TS 69-3522TP 69-4537TS 69-6506TS 69-8003TFK 69-8702TP
69-1007TS 69-2024TTK 69-3523KP 69-5300TR 69-6540TB 69-8004TTK 69-8703TS
69-1008TB 69-2025TS 69-3524TP 69-5300TS 69-6540TP 69-8005TWR 69-8704TP
69-1008TS 69-2026TTK 69-3525TS 69-5301TTK 69-6543TP 69-8006TTK 69-8750TR
69-1009TP 69-2027TS 69-3526TP 69-5302TTK 69-6543TR 69-8007TWR 69-8750TS
69-1009TR 69-2520TP 69-3527TP 69-5303TS 69-6544TS 69-8008TTK 69-8751TP
69-1009TWR 69-2520TR 69-3528TS 69-5304TS 69-6545T 69-8009TWR 69-8751TR
69-1010TP 69-2521TB 69-3529TP 69-5305TP 69-6546TWR 69-8010TTK 69-8752TR
69-1011TP 69-2521TP 69-3530TS 69-5306TS 69-7000TP 69-8250TS 69-8752TS
69-1013TS 69-2526TP 69-3531TS 69-5307TTK 69-7000TR 69-8250TWR 69-8753TR
69-1014TS 69-2527TTR 69-3532TTK 69-5308TS 69-7001TTK 69-8251TS 69-8753TS
69-1015TB 69-2528TTK 69-3533TTK 69-5309TS 69-7002TTK 69-8400TR 69-8754TP
69-1015TP 69-2541TB 69-3534TTK 69-5310TS 69-7003TTK 69-8400TS 69-8754TR
69-1016-1TS 69-2541TP 69-3535TP 69-5311TTK 69-7060TS 69-8431TP 69-8756TB
69-1017TTK 69-2542TS 69-3536TTK 69-5312TS 69-7061TS 69-8432TS 69-8756TP
69-1018TS 69-2543TTK 69-3537TS 69-5313TS 69-7062TTK 69-8433TTK 69-8757TTK
69-1019TS 69-2544TP 69-3538TTK 69-5314TS 69-7063TTK 69-8520TR 69-9000TS
69-1020TS 69-2545TP 69-3539TB 69-5315TS 69-7064TS 69-8520TS 69-9501TB
69-1040TP 69-2546TS 69-3540TP 69-5316TS 69-7070TB 69-8522TS 69-9501TP
69-1040TWR 69-2547TS 69-4000TB 69-5317TS 69-7070TP 69-8600TP 69-9502TB
69-1203TP 69-2548TS 69-4000TS 69-5318TS 69-7071TS 69-8600TR 69-9502TP
69-1206TP 69-2549TS 69-4002TB 69-5319TS 69-7075TS 69-8601TP 69-9503TFK
69-1207TP 69-2550TTK 69-4510TS 69-5320TS 69-7076TS 69-8601TR 69-9504TTK
69-1207TR 69-2551TS 69-4515TS 69-5321TS 69-7077TTK 69-8605TS 69-9505T
69-1208TS 69-2553TTK 69-4516TS 69-6000TP 69-7078TS 69-8606TB 69-9506TTK
69-1209TS 69-3002TS 69-4517TTK 69-6000TR 69-7079TS 69-8606TP 69-9507TTK
69-1210TS 69-3302TB 69-4518TTK 69-6010TR 69-7080-1TS 69-8607TB 69-9508T
69-1211TTK 69-3302TS 69-4519TP 69-6010TS 69-7081-1TS 69-8607TS 69-9509TTK
69-1212TS 69-3303TS 69-4520TP 69-6011TS 69-7082TS 69-8608TFK 69-9750TS
69-1213TS 69-3500TB 69-4521TS 69-6012TS 69-7083TS 69-8609TTK 69-9750TWR
69-1302TP 69-3500TP 69-4522TS 69-6013TTK 69-7084TS 69-8610TTK 69-9751TB
69-1500TP 69-3510TB 69-4523TP 69-6020TR 69-7200TP 69-8611TS 69-9751TS
69-1500TWR 69-3510TP 69-4524TS 69-6020TS 69-7201TP 69-8612TFK 69-9752TB
69-1503TS 69-3511TP 69-4525TS 69-6025TS 69-7202-1TTK 69-8613TS 69-9752TP
69-1504TR 69-3511TR 69-4526TS 69-6026TS 69-7501TB 69-8614TS 69-9754TS
69-1505TWR 69-3512TP 69-4527TS 69-6027TTK 69-7501TS 69-8615TS 69-9756TFK

Select a K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake part number below to see all vehicle applications for the part.