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K&N 77 Series Air Intake Information by Part Number

Select a K&N 77 Series Intake Kit part number below for installation instructions, pictures, power gain charts (dyno charts), replacement Filtercharger® air filter and specifications. Instruction sheets are in pdf format. You can view them using Adobe Reader software. Download Adobe Reader Here

77-1513KP 77-1560KTK 77-2550KP 77-2581KP 77-3043KP 77-3086KTK 77-9023KP
77-1516KP 77-1561KP 77-2552KP 77-2582KTK 77-3044KP 77-3087KP 77-9025KP
77-1526KP 77-1562KTK 77-2556KP 77-2583KS 77-3047KP 77-3088KP 77-9026KP
77-1529KP 77-1563KP 77-2557KP 77-2584KP 77-3050KP 77-3089KP 77-9027KP
77-1533KP 77-1564KS 77-2561KP 77-2585KS 77-3058KP 77-3090KTK 77-9028KP
77-1538KP 77-1565KS 77-2568KP 77-2586KS 77-3062KP 77-3101KP 77-9029KP
77-1539KP 77-1566KP 77-2569KP 77-2587KS 77-3063KTK 77-3104KP 77-9030KP
77-1540KP 77-1567KS 77-2570KTK 77-2588KTK 77-3064KTK 77-3515KP 77-9031-1KP
77-1545KP 77-1568KTK 77-2573KP 77-2591KP 77-3065KP 77-6012KP 77-9032-1KP
77-1546KP 77-1569KS 77-2574KS 77-3000KS 77-3070KP 77-6014-1KP 77-9033KP
77-1547KP 77-1570KS 77-2575KS 77-3021KP 77-3071KS 77-6016KS 77-9034KP
77-1548KP 77-1571KP 77-2576KTK 77-3023KP 77-3076KTK 77-6017KS 77-9035KP
77-1549KP 77-1572KS 77-2577KTK 77-3031KP 77-3077KP 77-9015KP 77-9036KP
77-1553KP 77-1576KP 77-2578KS 77-3034KP 77-3078KTK 77-9016KP 77-9037KP
77-1554KP 77-2514KP 77-2579KTK 77-3036KP 77-3082KP 77-9020KP 77-9039KP
77-1558KP 77-2529KP 77-2580KP 77-3037KP 77-3085KP 77-9022KP 77-9040KP

Select a K&N 77 Series Intake part number below to see all vehicle applications for the part.