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Truk Wurks Monster Truck Team Caps Successful 2010 With Powerblock Appearance

Greg's son Zach earned his first event win driving the team's Rislone Defender monster truck.
Greg's son Zach earned his first event win driving the team's Rislone Defender monster truck.
The Truk Wurks off-road monster truck team is headquartered in Greencastle, Indiana, it's a father-son team consisting of Greg and Zach Adams, and respectively they pilot the Bar's Leaks Eliminator and the Rislone Defender monster trucks. Kyle Doyle is also an active member of the team; he handles sales and marketing, crews and drives as well. The team's success this year is no accident, it is in fact the product of hard work and long hours from the team, along with the help of many friends and family members.
Dad, Greg Adams, flies the Truk Wurks Bar's Leaks Eliminator truck.
Dad, Greg Adams, flies the Truk Wurks Bar's Leaks Eliminator truck.

"We have been very busy with 32 races complete, this along with displays and appearing with both trucks on Powerblock. We are very pleased this year, we out did last year's wins by three times and numerous times both trucks were in the finals," explains Greg.

"Our race schedule has been pretty intense and we've been running the trucks quite hard. I actually rolled my truck at an event in Oklahoma, and despite the fact that we repaired the body, we really wanted to pull out all the stops for Powerblock, so that's why we are rolling out a brand new, fresh body."

Greg and Zach recently announced that they would be appearing on Spike TV's Powerblock program. The hit automotive series is one of the most popular features on the Spike TV channel.

"There have been some amazing motorsports and automotive vehicles and personalities featured on Powerblock in the past," said Greg. "Not many monster trucks have been invited to grace the studios there though, so for us and the industry this is a pretty big honor. We're definitely excited to be bringing our Bar's Leaks monster to show off to the world!"

"We had a great time filming the Powerblock segment," said Greg. "We've definitely been tearing up our share of parts this year, so it was a nice break to be able to hang out and keep the trucks shiny and clean!" he said with a laugh.

Greg's son Zach was just as excited about appearing on the show. "It definitely was an honor to be invited to appear on the show, to represent both our team and our sponsors. We've worked hard over the last couple of years to get our team where it needs to be, and a gig like this definitely tells me we've been doing something right," remarked Zach.

This year also saw 19 year old Zach, living up to his 2009 Rookie of the Year status, when he picked up his first event win in racing behind the wheel of the Defender on a Friday night in Lake Charles, beating his father in the finals of all things. Zach also reached the finals of the Saturday event, narrowly losing to his father in that race.

The teams name came about because of Greg's love for trucks. "I have had a big interest in 4x4's since the early 80s, and we have spent a lot of time building some cool and interesting trucks," adds Greg.

Greg says his continuing relationship with K&N is going well. "We enjoy working with companies that have great products, so it has been a pleasure to represent K&N! The monsters and all are shop trucks use K&N air filters and oil filters."

"We have two big events left to finish out the year, says Greg. "Both trucks will be on display at the AutoZone National sales convention in Memphis, Tennessee, and we are looking forward to a four day event with the Whole Bars Products race team and Walmart."

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