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Teddy Hodgdon Experiences A Stellar 2011 Kart Series Season

Teddy Hodgdon poses with friend, family and fans following a recent victory.
Teddy Hodgdon poses with friend, family and fans following a recent victory.
Most drivers would consider their season as successful upon walking away with one championship, and rightfully so. That said, ten-year-old, Teddy Hodgdon's season exceeded successful, as he earned two championship titles in 2011.
Ten-Year-old, Teddy Hodgdon earned two Cahmpionships during the 2011 season.
Ten-Year-old, Teddy Hodgdon earned two Cahmpionships during the 2011 season.

Hodgdon and his family recently rolled into Stafford Springs, Connecticut, where he was scheduled to compete in the Ceric Fabrication Kart Series Season Finale, at the Stafford Motor Speedway. Racing in the Tiger Sprint A class, the young driver entered the competition with a twenty-three point lead over the second placed driver. Although Hodgdon had a comfortable lead and had to finish no worse than twelfth to walk away with the championship, he had no intentions of coasting during the race. In fact, after qualifying on the pole with a 17.606 second run, Teddy immediately took the lead when the twenty-five lap feature was deemed underway.

During the early laps, Hodgdon's lead was challenged by fellow drivers, Daniel Wesson and Steven Chapman, but as the race progressed, the distance between Hodgdon and the remainder of the pack did also. Even though the driver had a comfortable lead near the race's end, he continued pushing until taking the checkered flag. "I was very relieved to win the last race and the championship," explained Hodgdon. "It was a great feeling."

With one championship already under his belt, Teddy Hodgdon and his crew then embarked upon a journey to Claremont, New Hampshire, where the young driver had a ten point lead, and aspirations of taking the Twin State Championship as well. Although experiencing a great start, his lead was erased upon a late caution. During turn three of the restart, Hodgdon was bumped by the second place driver and in turn lost the lead and eventually finished the race in the fifth position.

Starting fifth in the feature, Teddy got a good start and had worked his way to the third spot by the end of the first lap. Still working his way toward the very front, Hodgdon experienced a sight mishap while trying to pass the first place driver and in turn lost several positions. Prior to crossing the finish line, the driver managed to work his way back to the third spot, earning more than ample points to take the championship home.

With the 2011 season behind him, the young driver and his team can finally take a moment to look back and savor the success that lent to a stellar season. Throughout 2011 Teddy Hodgdon has earned two track championships, was the New England Challenge winner, and experienced eleven feature wins and one pole position. "My dad and I worked hard on the kart to get the set-up right, and I drove more aggressively this year," Shared Hodgdon.

Referring to Teddy's string of success, his father, Ted, explained, "It will make him more confident as a driver. In his personal life, it showed him that if he sets a goal, he can achieve it with hard work and perseverance." When asked Teddy's strong point as a driver, his father continued, "He is very smooth, has great kart control, and stays out of trouble. He has become more aggressive this season. If he sees an opportunity to make a move, he will."

"I could not be prouder of him," shared Ted. "This has been a wonderful three-year journey. When we started racing, he was just seven, and he followed the karts in front of him. But as the years passed, I could see him learning and growing as a driver and as a person. He is a quick study. He rarely makes the same mistake twice."

Teddy Hodgdon has already put the 2011 season behind him and is gearing up for twenty-twelve. In fact, the driver is preparing to move up next season to the "Junior Outlaw" division, and in turn is in the process of preparing a new kart.

As one might suspect, Teddy Hodgdon and his crew are aware that their success depends a great deal upon properly maintaining their kart. That in mind, Ted explained, "K&N Filters played a very important role in his success. Not only do they provide good, clean air, they give a performance advantage also. The best of both worlds. We would not even think about using any other filter than K&N." "I am lucky to have sponsors and supporters such as K&N," Teddy stated.

"I would never have the opportunity to race if it wasn't for them. Thank you all."

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