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Superior Performance Air Filter for 2014-2016 Yamaha MT-07 & FZ-07 Twin from K&N

K&N high-flow air filter for 2014-2015 Yamaha parallel twin MT-07 & FZ-07 models

K&N high-flow air filter number YA-6814 is engineered to increase airflow while also fitting inside the stock air filter box of 2014-2016 Yamaha parallel twin MT-07 & FZ-07 models

The Yamaha MT-07, or FZ-07 as it is called in the United States, is a significant new model in the Yamaha Motor Company’s vehicle line up. The 689cc parallel twin cylinder engine powered naked sport bike was released just after the MT-09 / FZ-09 triple. Yamaha Product Planning manager Oliver Grill said the MT-07 / FZ-07 was designed to "Make the intuitive side of riding more fun." Grill went on to explain “The bike is more casual, feels cool also at lower speeds. Yet any speed, any gear, if you open up the throttle you will immediately feel the power delivery and enjoy the sound." The MT-07 / FZ-09 power delivery is attributed to the inline twin engine's crankshaft designed with a 270 degree offset. The two cylinders fire at an irregular interval in order to harmonize the engine, resulting in a more immediate response and feeling of torquiness for the rider.

Here to help boost horsepower, torque, and throttle response of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Yamaha parallel twin MT-07 & FZ-07 models is a world famous reusable air filter from K&N. The superior airflow offered by a K&N motorcycle replacement air filter can result in superior performance. A K&N washable air filter is different from the stock filter in that K&N uses cotton gauze filter media woven to exacting specifications. Cotton, by nature, is more breathable than the paper or foam media used for most motorcycle air filters. Getting more air into your engine with less restriction can increase performance, acceleration, and throttle response.

K&N replacement air filters are designed to hit that sweet spot of superior airflow

K&N replacement air filters are designed to hit that “sweet spot” of superior airflow and superior performance without sacrificing filtration or engine protection

Additionally, the pleated design, combined with the depth loading nature of K&N cotton gauze air filters allows for increased air filter service intervals. A K&N cotton gauze air filter is designed to be repeatedly washed and reused with one of the K&N Recharger air filter service kits. Recharger, 99-5000, includes 12 fluid ounces of air filter cleaner and a 6.5 ounce aerosol bottle of air filter oil for quick and easy application. Recharger, 99-5050, differs in that it includes an 8 ounce squeeze bottle of K&N filter oil for a more precise application.

K&N replacement air filters are designed to hit that “sweet spot” of superior airflow and superior performance without sacrificing filtration or engine protection. K&N performs filtration efficiency testing following the internationally recognized ISO 5011 protocol to guarantee that our air filters will provide high airflow without sacrificing engine protection. K&N 2014-2016 Yamaha MT-07 and FZ-07 replacement air filter, number YA-6814, was shown to have a 99.40% overall filtration efficiency rating while still flowing more air and holding more dirt than the original equipment air filter. K&N has made these results available by clicking on the Air Filter Test Data link.

Part number YA-6814 for 2014, 2015 and 2016 Yamaha MT-07 & FZ-07 parallel twin 689cc models is backed by a 10-year/million mile limited warranty. This means that Yamaha MT-07 & FZ-07 parallel twin owners can years of increased performance, reusability, and long air filter service intervals when using K&N washable and reusable replacement air filter YA-6814.

YA-6814 is designed to provide a lifetime of increased performance without any need for modifications to the air box or tuning for the following motorcycles:

2016 YAMAHA MT07 689
2016 YAMAHA FZ-07 689
2015 YAMAHA MT07 689
2015 YAMAHA FZ-07 689
2014 YAMAHA MT07 689

K&N replacement air filter, YA-6814, is designed as a direct air filter cross reference for the following Yamaha part numbers:

Yamaha 1WS1445000
Yamaha 1WS144500000

To find additional performance parts from K&N, such as K&N replacement oil filters, use the search by vehicle tool. To find an authorized K&N dealer near you, use the Find Dealer search function.