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Ryan Reed's Prodigious Dream Year and 2009 Legends Track Championship

K&N equipped 2009 Legends Cars of Ryan Reed
K&N equipped 2009 Legends Cars of Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed, the 15-year-old wunderkind from Bakersfield, California, capped off his track championship, and a nearly perfect season, by winning his final event - driving a nearly flawless race in the process.
Ryan Reed Racing uses K&N on their Late Model and tow vehicle
Ryan Reed Racing uses K&N on their Late Model and tow vehicle

"Winning the championship at the Toyota Speedway in Irwindale was an awesome way to wrap our season," says Reed. "We started the season with our focus on winning races, but like my father always reminds me, in order to win, you have to finish. Winning the final race of the season was the perfect finish to a championship season. We had clinched the title with one race to go and so we had nothing to loose. Our season just kept getting stronger with wins and podium finishes - It was almost a dream year. Everyone at Ryan Reed Racing puts in 100 percent to make sure I have the best cars and with our great sponsors and products like K&N, we finished every single lap in our '09 Legends Car this year."

"As his father, I couldn't be more proud," adds Mark Reed. "To watch Ryan drive with so much talent behind the wheel, and to see how much he really loves what he is doing, just motivates me help him in every way possible to reach his goals."

Next year Reed is moving up to Toyota Speedways' top and most competitive division - Super Late Models. "This is a big step in building my career and I will try to have the same approach as always. I feel if we work hard, and pay our dues, that we can find the same success next year."
Ryan Reed won the final race of the season
Ryan Reed won the final race of the season

In this, just his first year in the program, Reed consistently displayed heaping helpings of talent and instincts at every level, and blended that nicely with a veteran's dose of patience. "I have been very fortunate to win in so many different types of racing," reflects Reed. "I grew up in a racing family, my father was a multi-time winner in the NASCAR Camping World West and Southwest series. When I was four, we started racing kid karts, and I was hooked instantly. Everyday when school is out, I head straight to the shop to work on the cars and hangout with the crew. My crew chief, Robert "Toby" Tobias, has been a huge influence on helping me to recognize how important it is to understand the cars I drive, and to fully appreciate the work my team contributes. I get fired up about every part of the sport now, and I can't wait for Saturday night."

Ryan Reed Racing uses K&N air and oil filters, filter cleaners and oil. "Oh, I almost forgot, we also use K&N air filters and intake system on our teams tow-rig," adds Reed. "Our team feels that all K&N products are superior and truly give us a competitive edge. K&N is also viewed as leader in the automotive industry and I hope to be associated with this great company through out my career.

Next year the 2010 season will prove to be an exciting and challenging time for the Ryan Reed Racing crew. Reed will make the jump to a 550 horsepower NASCAR Late Model and his home track will be Toyota Speedway in Irwindale - a track Reed is already comfortable on. They will also race at several other select races on the west coast (to be determined later).

"Our long range plans include the NASCAR Camping World West and East series, and ultimately to a top NASCAR team in the big three series. Again, I really want to thank K&N for all their support to Ryan Reed Racing, and to the motorsports world," concludes an understandably euphoric Reed.

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