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Peter Biondo Wins Two In A Row at the Super Pro event in the NHRA Summit Racing Series

Peter Biondo won the Super Pro event at in the NHRA Summit Racing Series at Numidia Dragway in Pennsylvania over the Fourth of July weekend. He won again in Super Pro the following weekend

Peter Biondo won the Super Pro event at in the NHRA Summit Racing Series at Numidia Dragway in Pennsylvania over the Fourth of July weekend. He won again in Super Pro the following weekend.

Peter Biondo set off some fireworks in his K&N Filters-backed dragster at Numidia Dragway in Pennsylvania over the Fourth of July weekend. He continued the celebration a week later, winning two NHRA Summit Racing Series events in a row at Numidia Dragway.

Biondo won his first event in the Super Pro division at Numidia Dragway against Nino Reginella. Biondo said it was a great event, with a fireworks celebration after the races and a huge crowd of fans and new faces.

“It was a mix of both. I saw a lot of new faces walking through the staging lanes and in the stands, spectators that I’ve never met before, coming up, looking at the car, shaking hands,” Biondo said. “Especially in the winner’s circle, there was a mob of people coming by. There was a lot of new faces spectator wise.”

The races at Numidia Dragway were the first for Biondo in a few months. He took a break from racing and returned to the track in July.

“It’s kind of like riding a bike,” Biondo said. “First you’re a little apprehensive, but once you go down the track the first time again, everything comes back to you quickly. There was definitely some apprehension before getting in. That dragster has always performed very well. Usually it’s the driver that screws up. I was very confident going into the week even though it’s been quite a while.”

In the final race against Reginella, Biondo said he had a great reaction time. It was the difference in winning the race and the Super Pro title.

“The car was on. When the chips were on the table in the final I had a very good reaction time,” Biondo said. “I was fortunate to have a .001, which is one-thousandth away from perfect. Nino was a little off his game, about a .037 reaction time. That gave me a lot of cushion to beat him at the other end.”

Biondo decided to return to Numidia the following week for another slate of NHRA Summit Racing Series races. He won again, beating Robert DiMino Jr. in the final race.

“My good friends own that race track, the DiMino family,” Biondo said. “They put a great show up there. They work very hard for the bracket races, put on a good bracket program. It was not quite as big an event, spectator wise. It was their normal weekly program. We were fortunate to go to the winner’s circle again, two weeks in a row.”

Again, Biondo won the final race against DiMino off the line. Biondo had a perfect reaction time which was too much for DiMino, the reigning track champion, to overcome.

“Racing wise it was every bit as competitive. There’s a tough bunch week in, week out up there,” Biondo said. “In the final round, I ran a good friend of mine, Robert DiMino, who’s the track champion of last year. We had a very, very good run. I was fortunate again to have my best reaction time of the weekend in the final round. It was a perfect .00 reaction time. That helped me get the win against Robert. He had a very good reaction time because he was the track champion. He’s a friend of mine. I know how talented he is and what he is capable of.”

Biondo will continue racing, heading West for his next two events. He is planning on racing at the Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado July 22-24. From there, he is heading to Sonoma, Calif., for the Toyota NHRA Nationals July 29-31. He wants to win NHRA events in seven categories. He has won six and he is taking his top dragster to Colorado and California for try to win his seventh class championship.

“I’m going to be running top dragster,” Biondo said. “A goal of mine is to be the second driver to win seven different categories in NHRA racing. It’s kind of fun goal to be the second driver to win seven different categories. Top dragster would be that.”

Biondo uses K&N air and oil filters in all his dragsters. He said the different tracks he races at have all sorts of roads and paths through the pits and garages. Some are paved, some are not. Having the right filters in his dragsters put his mind at ease when racing.

“There are thousands and thousands and thousands of bracket racers throughout the country,” Biondo said. “We go to a lot of different tracks. Some have a lot of paved concrete, some have a lot of dust that kicks up and don’t have a lot of paved concrete. That air filter that I have is very valuable. I drive through a lot of stuff getting back to my pit. You drive through sand, you drive through dust getting kicked up, rocks. The K&N air filter that I run really puts me at ease from that perspective, not having to worry about rocks or debris getting into my motor. It’s important for obvious reasons for the motor, but also psychologically. You don’t have to worry about that.”

While the filter Peter uses is made specific for race applications, you can enjoy the same dependability, protection, and durability in your vehicle with a K&N replacement air filter or complete intake system. Visit the search by vehicle tool to find the K&N product for your vehicle.