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Lamb Motorsports' NHRA Drag Racing Team Experience Stellar 2012 Season

Siblings, Justin and Ryen Lamb, were both introduced to the sport of racing at an early age and presently race in the NHRA.
Siblings, Justin and Ryen Lamb, were both introduced to the sport of racing at an early age and presently race in the NHRA.
Anyone with brothers or sisters would likely agree that although sporting their own individual characteristics, they share similarities with their siblings; if for no other reason, they were raised in the same environment. Justin and Ryen Lamb are no different in that sense, and one would suspect that their conversations often lean in one direction in particular- racing.
Although inly 25-years-old, Justin Lamb is already solidifying his reputation as a winner in NHRA drag racing.
Although inly 25-years-old, Justin Lamb is already solidifying his reputation as a winner in NHRA drag racing.

They were introduced to the sport of racing at very young ages, and have in fact, been manning dragsters for many years. Members of the Lamb Motorsports team, they have both seen their fair share of success, and experienced stellar seasons in 2012.

Continuing his quest to become a household name in the NHRA racing world, Justin Lamb cinched a multitude of wins in a variety of categories during the most previous season. At only 25-years of age, he recently earned his ninth NHRA national event win of his young career while racing in the Super Stock class at the Fram Autolite Nationals in Sonoma, California.

The driver also took four victories last season while on the NHRA Lucas Oil divisional tour. In fact, he walked away from the LOORS event, in Fallon, Nevada, with a rare double victory, after scoring in both the Competition Eliminator and Super Gas classes. At the season's end he was ranked ninth in the NHRA national standings.
Ryen Lamb recently experienced her quickest and fastest career run- 6.93 at 192 miles-per-hour.
Ryen Lamb recently experienced her quickest and fastest career run- 6.93 at 192 miles-per-hour.

As he solidifies his reputation in NHRA racing, Justin's records continue to stack up. In fact, he is a 13-time division series winner and has lined up in nineteen final round appearances.

"I have been racing since I was eight-years-old," recalled the driver. It all started with my father's interest in racing. He had drag boats for many years before he decided to get away from drag boat racing and to get into something new," continued Justin. "I was about seven years old and attending a car show with him when we saw a Jr. Dragster on display.This has all just come from one simple car show."

Looking back at 2012, the driver said, "I would say my most rewarding win of the season came in Sonoma California at the national event. It came after a very bad weekend in Denver, where I lost two close races that I made bad mistakes on. I went into Sonoma a little down and came out winning the event. It really made up for the week prior."

"I am not sure what the key to success was this season," he continued. "But I believe to keep prospering in the future will take a lot of hard work, both on the cars and as a driver, and focus on technology as products and race cars improve."

While Justin Lamb continues to earn notoriety in the sport, his younger sister, Ryen, has quietly been building her resume as well. In fact, the 18-year-old driver experienced her first event win during the 2012 season, at the K&N Super Comp Association event in Las Vega, Nevada. Throughout the season, Ryen also managed to post several late-round finishes, including three quarterfinal appearances. During her first season in Top Dragster, she recorded her quickest and fastest run of her career - 6.93 at 192 miles per-hour.

"I started racing "big cars" right after my sixteenth birthday," she recalled, "so I am going on my third year. Prior to that, I raced jr. dragsters four or five years when I was younger. I have grown up around racing," Ryen explained. "My brother is seven years older than me, and he started racing around the time I was born. So racing is all I have ever known."

"During a race, I tend to forget how fast I am actually going," she shared. "Our races are only a couple of seconds long, but when you are in the car, so much is happening in such a little time that it seems a lot longer. Racing and going fast is such a rush. There are so many decisions and things you must do in a very short distance. You are so focused on the job at hand, you forget about the speed you are traveling."

When asked the key to victories during the upcoming season, she continued, "I think confidence and momentum will definitely bring me success. Towards the end of last year, I began driving a lot better than I had before; I was confident in my abilities and decisions, and began going more and more rounds. By building on that confidence, I plan on having my most successful year to date."

Justin and Ryen Lamb are looking forward to what the future holds and are both acutely aware that their success will depend a great deal upon proper maintenance of their cars. Strong advocates of keeping the internal components of their engines contaminant free they depend upon K&N products for their filtering needs.

"Every product that K&N makes is a great quality product," Justin explained. "We use many of them on our race cars. The air filters do a great job protecting the engine while not hurting the performance of the cars. Their oil filters are second to none, and we have never had a problem with them coming apart and losing oil pressure, as I had with other brands while using light-weight racing oil for competition Eliminator. Also the nut at the bottom, for putting them on and taking them off, really helps also. I have been using K&N products for about ten years now."

With 2012 behind them and the 2013 season just around the corner, Justin and Ryen Lamb are already geared up and ready to roll. With a little luck, perseverance and a skillful eye on the track, they are anticipating many victories ahead.

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