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K&N Reusable Heavy Duty Air Filter is an Easy to Clean Option Over Disposable Filters

K&N's heavy duty air filters are designed to be a washable alternative to costly disposable OEM air filters. K&N's HD air filters do not require the use of oil and can be easily cleaned multiple times with power sprayers or commercial parts washers making them a great option for truckers and RV owners alike. They also provide great filtration and air flow.  
Replacement Air Filter for many small engine applications
38-2014S Heavy Duty Replacement Air Filter
K&N's heavy duty air filter part number 38-2014S replaces a type of OEM filter known as ECO/SE. This filter was designed with a flow-through canister to cover the filter and allow air to flow from the top of the canister, through the filter and out the bottom into the engine's intake.

The filter is designed to fit a range of vehicles that use certain OEM replacement filters.  The OEM air filters that K&N's 38-2014S replaces are listed below:

Baldwin PA3555
Carquest 88759
Donaldson P537452
Farr 114500002
Fleetguard AH1192
Fram CA8129
Hastings PA3555
Luber-Finer LAF22026
Napa 6759
Parker Hannifin 114500002
Racor 114500002
WIX 46759

The 38-2014S filter's hybrid synthetic material is colored and lofted on the outside.  Air flows into the colored side and out the white side.  K&N's design with air flow direction in mind allows for excellent filtration and engine protection through depth loading.  Most disposable air filters only collect dirt and dust on the outer filtration surface.  This can result in shorter service intervals when compared to a K&N filter.

The 38-2014S is an easy to clean filter.  Just remove the 38-2014S from its mounting canister, soak it with cleaner then wash thoroughly with a power sprayer from the inside surface until all of the cleaner and dirt is removed.  Blow it off with compressed air, let it dry then it is ready to go. See how easy K&N Heavy Duty air filters are to clean by watching K&N's Heavy Duty Air Filter Cleaning video. The filter is backed by a 3 year 300,000 mile warranty and only needs to be cleaned about once a year or when the filter restriction gauge reads 15” of water pressure.

For more information on where to buy please visit our website at and search for your OEM number in our cross reference search, or contact our customer service department at 800-858-3333 for assistance.

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