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K&N Performance Air Filter for Select 2006 to 2014 Hyosung Motorcycles

Replacement Air Filter for Hyosung 2006-2009 GT650 models and 2006 to 2014 GT250 Motorcycles
Replacement Air Filter for Hyosung 2006-2009 GT650 models and 2006 to 2014 GT250 Motorcycles
Hyosung is a well-established, Korean based, company that offers street bikes with generous power bands and sporty suspension. Hyosung first broke into the US street bike battle around 2005. Since then they have tried to compete with the Big 4. Along the way various improvements were made to the Hyosung street bike line. The biggest improvement was the cross over to fuel injection which increased responsiveness on their 250cc and 650cc models.
Restriction Chart for HY-6507 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for HY-6507 Air Filter

The sporty V-twin Hyosung GT650 models offer good quality, a comfortable riding position, and better control at a great price. These qualities make it a nice option for beginner level riders.

K&N recognizes the GT650 as a perfect candidate for a high flow motorcycle air filter and designed part number HY-6507 specifically for select 2006-2009 GT650 models and 2006 to 2014 GT250 models.  See list below.  This quality washable/reusable air filter flows better than the OEM paper element for better performance. No tuning is required to run HY-6507 on your GT650.  Installation is easy as bolts hold it in place just like the OEM filter.  K&N's HY-6507 is designed to add power while providing excellent engine protection and it is backed by the K&N million mile limited warranty.

Part HY-6507 takes the place of the factory air filter and is offered for the following applications:

2014 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2014 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2013 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2013 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2012 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2012 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2011 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2011 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2010 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2010 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2009 HYOSUNG GT650R 647
2009 HYOSUNG GT650 647
2009 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2009 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2008 HYOSUNG GV650 647
2008 HYOSUNG GT650S 647
2008 HYOSUNG GT650R 647
2008 HYOSUNG GT650 647
2008 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2008 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2008 HYOSUNG GT125 COMET 125
2007 HYOSUNG GV650 647
2007 HYOSUNG GT650S 647
2007 HYOSUNG GT650R 647
2007 HYOSUNG GT650 647
2007 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2007 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2007 HYOSUNG GT125 COMET 125
2006 HYOSUNG GV650 647
2006 HYOSUNG GT650S 647
2006 HYOSUNG GT650R 647
2006 HYOSUNG GT250R 250
2006 HYOSUNG GT250 250
2006 HYOSUNG GT125 COMET 125

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