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K&N Fuel Filter for 2014-2015 Ram ProMaster Cleans Fuel Before It Reaches Your Engine

K&N Fuel Filter

The K&N PF-4400 Fuel Filter is a factory replacement fuel filter that blocks contaminants including rust, dirt, scale and other foreign materials from invading the fuel system and engine of 2014-2015 Ram ProMaster vans.

The Ram ProMaster is a van similar to the Fiat Ducato. The main difference between the ProMaster and the Ducato is that a 3.6-liter, 24-valve V6 gasoline Chrysler Pentastar engine powers the ProMaster. The engine is mated to a Chrysler 62TE 6-speed automatic transmission. An Iveco 3.0-liter, 16-valve L4 diesel JTD engine called the EcoDiesel by Chrysler mated to the M40 6-speed manual transmission is available as an optional powertrain.

It is offered in three wheelbases –- 118-inch, 136-inch, and 159-inch. It also includes four different body lengths –- 195-inch, 213-inch, 236-inch, and 250-inch. The two longest body lengths come with the 159-inch wheelbase and two different heights –- 88-inch and 99-inch.

The only van in its class with front-wheel drive, it comes in five body configurations:

Cargo Van (available in all sizes)
Window Van/Glazed Van (159-inch wheelbase and 99-inch roof height)
Chassis-Cab (136-inch wheelbase)
Cut-Away (159-inch wheelbase)
Passenger Van

K&N offers the PF-4400 fuel filter for the 2014 and 2015 Ram ProMaster 1500 van. It features a high-performance cellulose glass media that helps trap contaminants including rust, dirt, scale, and other foreign materials from traveling from the gas tank through the fuel system to the engine. If these impurities are not stopped, they could cause rapid wear of the fuel pump and fuel injectors. This could result in failure of the fuel pump or injectors and a vehicle that will not run.

The filter is designed to replace the factory filter. The filter is 6.875-inches in length, permits a high flow rate of fuel and includes high capacity filter pleats for excellent fuel filtration. It is backed by a 90-day replacement warranty for diesel applications.

The K&N PF-4400 fuel filter fits the following vehicles:

2015 Ram Promaster 1500 3.0L L4 Diesel
2014 Ram Promaster 1500 3.0L L4 Diesel