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Jason Johnson Racing Gets Two Victories and a Third Over Labor Day Weekend

The "Cajun" Jason Johnson currently sits atop the American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) national points championship. Jason Johnson Racing (JJR) has accomplished that by being competitive week in and week out, they have in fact notched 17 victories already on the season to this point.
After a huge Labor Day weekend that saw the JJR team earn two wins and a third, Jason Johnson now sits comfortably atop the ASCS National points ranking.
After a huge Labor Day weekend that saw the JJR team earn two wins and a third, Jason Johnson now sits comfortably atop the ASCS National points ranking.

"Our goal for the 2010 season was to win between 20 to 25 events, and we feel here at JJR that we are well on our way to accomplishing our obtainable goal," remarked Johnson.

Over this past Labor Day Weekend the JJR team took several steps closer to obtaining their "big-picture" goal, which is winning the championship, and they did it in statement-making-style, by winning twice and taking one third place finish.

Each year Jason Johnson Racing looks forward to the three-race events with the ASCS Gulf South Series, so they're prepared and psyched from the get-go entering into the weekend. This time around, to add even more incentive, Griffith Trucking put up a bonus of $500 for two of three wins, or a cool $1000 bonus to anyone able to pull off the trifecta.

Team JJR always looks for a challenge, and this was one we wanted to accomplish," said Johnson.

"After a Friday night win at Golden Triangle Raceway Park in Beaumont, Texas, the team's second victory came the very next night at Gator Motorplex in Willis, Texas. Going into the third night (Speedarama Raceway in Lufkin, Texas) JJR was pumped to stay out front in clean air for the weekend sweep. Unfortunately, after a mid-race contact with another competitor, the K&N number 41 had to restart the race at the rear of the field," added Johnson.

With only 16 of the scheduled 25 laps remaining, Johnson still managed to power his way back into a third place podium finish, capping off a highly successful weekend.

"Even though we missed out on the Labor Day weekend sweep, it was still awesome to win two of three events," said Johnson.

In order to keep his edge on the track Johnson says he trains all week at his local 24 Hour Fitness Center.

"One thing I've learned about being successful is how to manage my days when I need to produce results. To give the team the best possible results, I let them perform the job they do, the preparation and maintenance of the cars. That way, once race time starts, I feel fresh, and I'm able to provide the best results for the JJR team. We definitely thrive off of the pervious night's results, so that way we remain pumped for the next event."

There were a lot of uncertainties going into the 2010 season for the newly assembled Jason Johnson Racing team. "With that in mind, we are very pleased with how the year has developed," says Johnson. "From here to the end of the season, we look to obtain more victories and consistent finishes, we're looking for that all important big picture of obtaining the 2010 National Points Title."

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