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International Trucks and Busses Get a Washable Reusable Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Air Filter

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
K&N's replacement air filter part 38-2026S is a drop in replacement for heavy duty commercial grade trucks and busses. The 38-2026S and other K&N heavy duty air filters are made to replace the standard factory air filter in your truck's air cleaner housing. The 38-2026S is made with K&N's contemporary non-woven lofted synthetic media which is held together with a signature epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh. The wire mesh encases the synthetic pleats creating a super strong filter core. This core is supported further with a ridged metal casing powder coated black. The synthetic air filter media traps harmful particles while its low restriction helps your engine run better.

A few of the trucks and busses the 38-2026S may be used on are listed below, however, make sure you cross reference your existing air filter to make sure the 38-2026S will fit your truck or bus.

  • Krystal Koach International 3200 Bus with IH DT466E Engine or VT-365 Engine
  • International 3200IM Bus Chassis with VT-365 Engine
  • International 4100 Truck with VT-365 Engine
  • International 4200 Truck with VT-230 Engine or VT-365 Engine
  • International 4300 Truck with IH DT466E Engine
  • International 4400 Truck with IH DT466E Enginem, IH DT466HT Engine, IH DT530 Engine or IH DT570 Engine
  • International 7300 Truck with IH D-466 Engine or IH DT466E Engine
  • International 7400 Truck with DT-530 Engine, DT-570 Engine, IH DT-466 Engine, or IH DT466E Engine
  • International 8500 Truck with HT-530 Engine or HT-570 Engine
The K&N 38-2026S is a cleanable and reusable air filter that can be washed, dried and re-installed. This filter can be cleaned using our simple heavy duty degreaser 99-0638 with a water hose, power washer or truck washing equipment. Once the filter is dry it can be re-installed into the air cleaner housing as no oil is required. These heavy duty filters are very easy to clean. This standard flow air filter should be cleaned from the inside out opposite of the way the air flows.

The 38-2026S heavy duty air filter has a radial seal to insure maximum filtration. The round rubber flange seals to your air box by pressing firmly against it. The radial seal forces air to go through the filter media and not around it. This filter comes with a 3 year 300,000 mile warranty and should be cleaned once a year, every 100,000 miles or when your restiction guage says it's time. With the 38-2026S you will save money by not throwing it away like disposable air filters.

K&N 38-2026S cross references to the following:

Baldwin RS4636
Carquest 88870
Donaldson P606503
Fleetguard AF25707
Fram CA9346
International Harvester 3532799-C1 or 3532799C1
Luber-Finer LAF9097MXM
Luber-Finer LAF9099
Napa 6870
WIX 46870

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