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Hermitage, Pennsylvania Father and Son Make Kekich Racing a Competitive Force

Mike Kekich of Kekich Racing
Mike Kekich of Kekich Racing
This past year was a big one for Kekich Racing from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, a two-car father and son team consisting of Mike and Adam Kekich. For the 2009 season, 16-year-old Adam made the challenging transformation from box carts to the Limited Sprint division and Mike completed his thirteenth year of 410 Sprint racing.
Adam Kekich of Kekich Racing No. 5 Sprint Car
Adam Kekich of Kekich Racing No. 5 Sprint Car

The season was a success for Kekich Racing, with both Adam and Mike finishing in the top five at Sharon Speedway. They combined for 8 top five and 19 top ten feature races, along with 4 heat race wins.

This was the first season Kekich Racing has had more than one car on board, so they quickly learned to tackle the challenges that come with a two-car team. Mike says the biggest challenges were the "maintenance on two cars, keeping them on the track and competitive, and the learning curve with Adam as far as his first year being in a sprint." But the team pulled through and has the results to prove it.

Adam captured Rookie of the Year honors and finished the 2009 season 4th in points with 5 top five and 10 top ten feature races, as well as 2 heat race wins. Adam is keeping the family tradition of racing alive, as not only does his father race, but his grandfather, Paul "Putzy" Kekich, raced modifieds and sprints from 1962 until 1981.
Adam and Mike of Kekich Racing Keep Family Racing Tradition Alive
Adam and Mike of Kekich Racing Keep Family Racing Tradition Alive

"I was honored and it felt great to receive Rookie of the Year," says Adam. "I am really fortunate to have been able to make the transition to sprints this year. Luckily, the hard work has paid off. For next year, my personal goals are to run the car even harder and get my first feature win."

Team owner and driver Mike Kekich and the 410 Sprint finished the season 5th in points, with 3 top five and 9 top ten finishes, as well as 2 heat race wins. His 5th place finish marks the eleventh time in thirteen years of racing 410s that he has finished the season in the top five.

Both Mike and Adam's cars are equipped with K&N Filters. "You've got enough worries about car setup, but K&N air and oil filters take the motor situation out of the equation. It's one less thing to think about," says Mike. "The key to a successful season is definitely a good crew, keeping up on maintenance, and getting a hold of the best parts possible."

The Kekich Racing team has already begun preparation for the 2010 season. The team plans to compete with both cars full time next year. Adam also plans to test in a 410 Sprint on pavement in the spring.

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