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Bryan Hulsey Wins Round Five of the OMA Pro-ATV Nationals at Mesick

The K&N sponsored Pro-ATV rider has been on a tear, winning two of the first five races.
The K&N sponsored Pro-ATV rider has been on a tear, winning two of the first five races.
The Off-road Motorcycle and ATV Nationals (OMA) series journeyed to Mesick, Michigan for round five. Race day conditions were ideal for both spectators as well as racers, with clear skies, temperatures in the upper eighties, and moderate humidity.
Hulsey has raced two-and-a-half years in the OMA Pro-ATV Nationals series.
Hulsey has raced two-and-a-half years in the OMA Pro-ATV Nationals series.

After eight laps of tight, back-and-forth racing, Missouri based rider Bryan Hulsey blasted his Dirtworks Motorsports Moose Racing Honda through the Moto-Tally scoring grid just one point two seconds ahead of his racing buddy, John Pitts, for the victory.

The K&N sponsored Pro-ATV rider has been on a tear through the first half of the racing season so far. He is in fact experiencing the sort of run, which according to past history, ends with a championship.

"It is really good to get two wins only five races into the series," says Hulsey. "In 2008 when I won the championship, I didn't even have one win at this point, and ended up with three wins and the championship."

Midway through the season Hulsey now leads in the points, and with having already won one championship, does he feel he has a momentum edge going into the second half of the season?

"Well, each year is different, because there seems to be different competition all of the time. Right now it is just simply, win as many races as possible, and with a couple of races left, we will know what needs to be done. It will probably be that I just need to fight for every win I can get in order win the championship."

At 39 years old, Hulsey has logged 20 years of racing experience. "Over half my life," he adds.

"I started in 1989, at my local Missouri Harescrambles Series and I raced ATV Pro GNCCs from 1997-2006. I finished GNCC series as number 11 in 1998, and GNCC number 12 in 2000. I quit GNCCs in 2007 to stay home in Missouri, for the Missouri Harescrambles series, and I won that in 2007. Then I tried the 2008 OMA Pro-ATV Nationals and won that championship."

Last year Hulsey finished second in the OMA Pro-ATV Nationals Championship, so this year he's making every effort to sandwich that second between two firsts. He was also won many local Pro ATV MX titles.

"I loved to use MX as a training regiment for the XC racing. It is amazing what racing MX can do for racing XC," said Hulsey.

As for his racing future, how does Hulsey see that unfolding?

"So far I am taking it year by year in ATV racing. My nephew is starting to race now and he just loves it, so I always joke that when he can beat me, I will quit and help him with his racing. He is just 13 now, so I would say I have a few years left still."

"I would also like to thank K&N and all of my sponsors for sticking with me through all of my good and bad seasons alike. It is always much easier to race at this level with great sponsors behind - sponsors that you can count on."

Hulsey uses K&N air and oil filters and Power Lids.

"All of K&Ns products are top notch," says Hulsey. "I have never had a problem with quality or workmanship from any K&N Products."

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