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Boost Turbocharged 1.4L Multair Powered 2013-2016 Fiat 500L Performance with K&N Air Filter

K&N air filter for  2013-2016 Fiat 500L 1.4L U.S. spec models

Owners of 2013-2016 Fiat 500L 1.4L U.S. spec models searching for a little more get up and go should look no further than the K&N drop-in replacement air filter, number 33-5015

The Fiat brand was reintroduced to the North American market in Italian Renaissance fashion with the 2011 Fiat 500. Fiat had been absent from North America for 27 years and the retro-inspired Fiat 500 was immediately popular for its Italian styling and fuel efficiency. As quickly as the Fiat 500 was leaving dealership lots, a sub-compact car with cramped rear seating can be a hard pill to swallow for potential buyers. This is exactly why Fiat introduced the 500L, L meaning Large/Lounge, for car buyers who like the undeniable Italian styling but need a little more space.

The Fiat 500L has been equipped with the same 160 horsepower and 184 lb-ft torque 1.4L Multiair turbo engine found in the Fiat 500 Abarth performance model to compensate for its larger size. While the 1.4L Multiair turbo engine is pretty responsive, 2013-2016 Fiat 500L owners are searching for a boost in power. Charlie Lobosco, a K&N user from Ohio, emailed K&N saying “I have a Fiat 500L which I like more than I thought. It’s pretty peppy with the (Multiair) engine but we always want more.”

Owners of 2013-2016 Fiat 500L 1.4L U.S. spec models searching for a little more get up and go should look no further than a K&N drop-in replacement air filter 33-5015. K&N air filters are designed to increase airflow and reduce restriction compared to standard disposable air filters. For standard on-road replacement air filters K&N uses four-layers of cotton gauze sandwiched between wire mesh to form the basis for our high-flow performance air filters. With the addition of K&N’s specially formulated cotton air filter oil, K&N replacement air filters are able provide superior airflow, and superior performance, without sacrificing engine protection.

The K&N replacement air filter for 2013-2016 Fiat 500L U.S. spec models is a performance designed upgrade which will fit inside the stock air filter box without the need for any modifications. As Charlie Lobosco said, “I was pointed to this air filter as a very low cost but efficient way to take in more air which results in more power.” Charlie continued to say “I’m pleased with the performance since putting in this air filter! My Fiat seems more aggressive. I like driving it even more now!” K&N replacement air filters can usually be installed in about 5 minutes and often will not require any tools.

K&N replacement air filters are 50-state emissions legal and will not void the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty. K&N air filters are washable and reusable and backed by a 10-year/million mile limited warranty. Because the K&N replacement air filter for 2014 Fiat 500L 1.4L turbo U.S. spec models is able to be cleaned and reused, it will pay for itself over time. The pleated design and high-flow technology built into K&N replacement air filters will increase air filter service intervals up to 50,000 miles depending on driving conditions. For many drivers, this means it could be four years before air filter cleaning will be required. When it does come time to clean a K&N air filter, K&N Recharger kits are readily available and include simple 4-step instructions to return the filter to like-new performance.

K&N replacement air filter 33-5015 is designed as a direct air filter cross reference to the stock 2013-2016 Fiat 500L 1.4L US air filter, number 68202151AA. K&N air filters can be purchased on the K&N website, or to find an authorized K&N dealer near you, use Search for K&N Dealer lookup tool.

Replacement air filter 33-5015 fits the following Fiat 500L models:

2016 FIAT 500L 1.6L L4 Diesel
2015 FIAT 500L 1.6L L4 Diesel
2015 FIAT 500L 1.4L L4 F/I - Turbo
2014 FIAT 500L 1.6L L4 Diesel
2014 FIAT 500L 1.4L L4 F/I - US
2013 FIAT 500L 1.6L L4 Diesel

K&N air filters for Fiat 500L models can be found on the Fiat 500L Air Filters page. K&N products for other vehicles can be found using the Vehicle Search Tool.