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Andy Forsberg Wins Dramatic 2010 Civil War Championship - The Fifth in his Career

Being good is one thing, being lucky and good is an unstoppable combination for Forsberg.
Being good is one thing, being lucky and good is an unstoppable combination for Forsberg.
Some nights it hardly matters how much garage time you invested into a race, or how focused and perfectly psyched-up you are, could be tonight a cracked muffler bearing takes you out of the running and those precious points go to someone else. You just never know. Ultimately in the final minutes racing often becomes an educated game of chance, a spin of the wheel by the hands of fate. It is precisely that aspect, where sometimes you're the bug and other times you're the windshield, the sheer unpredictability of it, that makes it so gosh dang addictive.
That's right, count'em, K&N sponsored Andy Forsberg now has five Civil War Championships.
That's right, count'em, K&N sponsored Andy Forsberg now has five Civil War Championships.

Take what transpired during Andy Forsberg's last two Civil War races for championship points, were it a movie script it would certainly have been dismissed as too hokey an ending, in racing terms though it's just pure pharmaceutical grade drama.

Last weekend the K&N sponsored Forsberg and his Autism Awareness, Coors Light number 47 car headed to Watsonville and Placerville, California, for of the most anticipated Civil War finales in recent history.

Friday night in the first of two 360 Civil War contests, at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, Forsberg was 12th quick out of 37 cars, and finished third in his heat , leaving him to start 11th in the A main event. He got up as high as sixth at one point, but eventually finished a disappointing 12th place. Forsberg would now go into the final night of Civil War racing ten points behind leader Sean Becker. Becker and Forsberg are longtime race friends with a great deal of mutual respect, but on the track they're arch rivals, and friendship takes a backseat until the final round and a victor has been declared.

In the past, Becker and Forsberg rarely finished a race far apart, which didn't bode well for Forsberg's chances of winning his Fifth career Civil War Championship – enter the fickle finger of fate. When the 22-car field lined up on the track, Becker's familiar red number 2 sprint car was absent from the field. It was later discovered that a sheared magneto pin was the culprit that ended Becker's championship run. Up until that point, he all but had the championship sewn up, leading in points all year until this final contest.

Forsberg now would only have to finish six spots in front of third place Herman Klein, to steal the championship. At the green flag Forsberg immediately jumped into the second place spot behind the leader, with every intention of maintaining his position until the finish. By lap 20 though his car was starting to get loose, and he lost just enough speed to allow the third place car to move in on him. Then down the backstretch they made contact and Forsberg went spinning.

And providence intervened yet again, for the incident occurred just prior to officials determining that more than 75 laps had been run, and a red flag fuel stop would be required if an additional caution flag flew, which gave Forsberg's crew ample time to make needed repairs to the bent fender in the pit area.

When the race restarted Klein was now one lap down and Forsberg would only need to finish to be crowned the 2010 Civil War Champion for the fifth time in his career. Taking no more chances, Forsberg went back on the track and cruised to a comfortable 13th place finish.

Next week October 1st and 2nd Forsberg will be driving the number 47 Autism Awareness Car at the Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals at the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California.

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