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24 Time National Champion Jessica Brannam Hopes to Compete in Star Mazda Pro Series

Jessica Brannam has already accumulated 213 feature victories
Jessica Brannam has already accumulated 213 feature victories
In every sport, consistent, extraordinary performance is rewarded. When an exceptional player wills their team to a National Championship the chances of that athlete moving to the next level improve exponentially. Which is precisely why Jessica Brannam from McHenry, Illinois, should realistically never need to fret about any racing future of her choosing.
Jessica Brannam is 24 time National Kart Champion
Jessica Brannam is 24 time National Kart Champion

Brannam's resume reads like someone's at the end of a stellar racing career, yet Brannan only turned 19 last month. She has already been a 24 time National Champion, and is still the only female to be named "Badger Kart Club" Diver of the Year in that club's 50-year history. She has already accumulated a mind-boggling 213 feature victories, and is the only female to win every single race during a WKA (World Kart Association) National Series season. Brannam accomplished that feat four times. She notched her first racing victory in just her second race ever and won her first championship in her very first year of competition.
Jessica Bannam driving a victory lap for the fans.
Jessica Bannam driving a victory lap for the fans.

Oh, but wait, there's more. Brannam is a Skip Barber Advanced Racing School graduate. She has tested several types of Formula Cars, and tested faster than five of the six team drivers she tested with. She has also completed her NASCAR rookie test at Irwindale Raceway in California. Brannam is a six-time Lyn St. James, "Women in The Winners Circle" honoree.

The seemly obvious point is that Brannam, who likes to run with the number 94, can drive the smack out of any vehicle she chooses to place her favorite number on. Yet, in our current cost-cutting environment, even someone with her prodigious skills is left to wonder about her next step. Brannam is currently working with Stars and Stripes Motorsports to secure funding for a full season of racing in the Star Mazda Pro Series.

"We had a good season last year, we finished fourth out of 30 drivers in the Wisconsin, Illinois, Mini Sprints Series. Our plans for next year are kind of up in the year for now though. We are still working to get the funding and sponsorship needed for the Star Mazda Pro Series. If that doesn't happen, I will race the Mini sprint series," says a pensive Brannam.

"I think we have a great relationship with K&N, we never take anything that we do not need, and we are 100% dedicated to our sponsors. I also believe K&N has been happy with the way the race team and I have represented their company."

"The products that we use for our 1200cc mini sprint are the K&N oil and air filters. We have had great success with these products. When we raced go-karts we also used K&N products. Times are really tough now for my family, as well as with so many other people, racing will always be apart of my life though – no matter what happens."

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