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2010, 2011 and 2016 BMW S1000RR Motorcycle Rides Even Better with a K&N Filter

Replacement Air Filter for 2010 to 2016 BMW S1000RR
Replacement Air Filter for 2010 to 2016 BMW S1000RR
The market for 1.0 liter sportbikes is saturated with many different models. Would it be possible for a manufacturer to introduce a new "literbike" into the mix, and have it be a healthy competitor? BMW engineers knew they had the ingenuity and technology to make that happen and they have proven their skill with BMW's all new race-inspired S1000RR.
Restriction Chart for BM-1010 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for BM-1010 Air Filter
A robust high-revving engine produces 193 horsepower and a computer-controlled ride control and anti lock brake system helps the rider make sure that power makes it to the ground in all riding conditions.

To get the peak performance from their BMW, enthusiasts now have the option of replacing their S1000RR air filter with a reusable high-flow K&N air filter!  K&N's air filter for the 2010 to 2016 BMW S1000RR, part number BM-1010, is a fast and easy upgrade any S1000RR rider can perform to their new sport bike.

K&N motorcycle air filters are made from multiple layers of cotton, so they can be cleaned and reused when they become dirty. The cotton fabric also has much less restriction than other types of air filter media and low restriction air flow helps engines deliver their best performance. The layers of cotton fibers combined with a special oil capture harmful particles making this an outstanding filter with low restriction. Installing the BM-1010 is easy and takes just minutes - simply open the stock air filter housing, remove the stock disposable air filter, replace it with the K&N BM-1010, close up the air box, and you're ready to ride! No other modifications are necessary to enjoy the benefits of the K&N.

The K&N BM-1010 is washable and reusable and it is backed by K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty. To find a local dealer who sells or installs K&N products, please visit our website at

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